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Auspicious nights, nine, en masse.
Binding hopeful hearts; the thread of faith,
Chanting hymns, beckoning the Goddess divine,
Dancing and twirling to rhythmic beat.
Exquisitely decked in multi-coloured hues,
Festive vibrance, encompasses one and all.
Goddess arrives, surrounded by entourage.
Her countenance stern, yet benevolent,
In her, lies forgiveness, hope, and salvation.
Joyous trumpets and drums resound,
Kneeling down in adoration pure,
Love and devotion sublime, overflowing.
Mother’s coming; ends every obstacle.
Nothing shakes this belief, ever resolute.
Omnipotent, omnipresent, and serene,
Praises of her cannot be sung enough.
Queer however is this paradox,
Revered is the Goddess, but not the girl-child,
Shunned all the way from womb till tomb.
Taunted, tormented, and ridiculed harshly.
Undeterred, she awakens Goddess within,
Victory she claims, by warring with evil.
Wanting to claim her rightful place alongside Yang,
Xena-like she stands, unwavering and brave.
Yesterday is history; but tomorrow?
Zealously hail Yin, both mortal and immortal.

This form of poetry is known as abecedarius

This poem was first published on The link is here.

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