Welcome to my website. I’m excited that you made it here! 

“A writer is working when he’s staring out of the window.” ~ Burton Rascoe

That’s me. Perpetually dreaming. And when I am not dreaming, I type away blissfully, among other things of course.

In a different lifetime, I worked in Finance, burying myself in MS Excel sheets. One day, I rekindled my passion for writing, and Excel paved way for Word, and my life has never been the same again.

Writing is my oxygen, and I write every single day. Over time, I have amassed millions of words, through stories that encapsulate bits of my soul. My favourite topics include parenting, fiction, children’s stories, and any place where there is scope to insert a pinch of humour. 

Now that you are here, wondering what to read?

My Books

My stories have found a place in some anthologies. Here, you can find the collections in which my works feature, as well as a sneak peek into my upcoming publications.

My Writings

Under my writings, you will find my collection of short stories, poems, flash-fiction, blogs and articles. I have quite a few in my kitty and will continue updating this section whenever I have the time or based on reader demand.

My Book Reviews

This section is for book lovers who wonder what their next pick should be. Being a bookworm and a voracious reader myself, I love to share detailed reviews of the books I read. You can share your favourite picks too!

Author Community

Here, I post video links of my interactions with fellow writers and live discussions with blogging platforms.


Here is my gloating corner, where I post about the accolades I have received, and am immensely grateful for.

Contact Me

I love connecting with my readers! Please do reach out to share feedback or to collaborate.