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The Femme of Animal Kingdom is conceptualized by Pachyderm Tales and compiled by Mayaakatha. This compilation is a garland of stories focusing on (SHE) in the animal kingdom.

My story is titled ‘Sheroes of the Jungle’ and is  a story of acceptance and empowerment.


“Dhairya was an astute lioness. She recognized the misgivings in the eyes of her royal subjects. She wanted to prove them wrong. She-animals were just as capable, if not more!

She felt blessed to have the support of her family, especially her father. He had named her Dhairya, which meant ‘courageous’, a name she had to live up to.

He would often say to her, “Pride of my pride! You will continue my legacy!”

She wouldn’t let him down.”

This book can be purchased on Amazon through this link.

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