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Every year, Women’s Web publishes a compilation of stories from the winning entries of their monthly ‘Muse of The Month’ competition.  Two of my stories made found their place in this anthology titled Recipe for a Perfect Marriage, which is a powerful collection written by women, about women, for women.

Vaibhavi, my protagonist of ‘The Homecoming’, wonders,

“During the Grihpravesh, we dipped our palms in the auspicious vermilion water, and put our prints down on a canvas. That framed canvas with all four of our palm prints, hangs on our front room wall, at our home in Chennai. Over time, while my palm prints still remained etched on the canvas, I had become an outsider. My marital status had invalidated my claim. What was home then?”

Pari, my protagonist of ‘Papa’s second Chance’  regrets not standing up for mother in the past.

“I texted her that night.

‘I love you Mummy, and I’m sorry. I wish I stood up for you more often.’

We had assumed that Mummy not letting us lift a finger was an act of love. Papa, Vicky, I -we prided ourselves on being spoiled rotten by Mummy. But what if Mummy did this because she didn’t have a choice?”

This book can be purchased at this link.

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