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Sonal Singh’s Islands in the stream is an alluring and mesmerizing read.  This book is a collection of 48 poems, each unique in its way. Every poem leaves an indelible mark on the reader.

In Sonal’s words, poems are islands in the stream of flowing emotions, where the weary can find respite. She adds that poetry is a language that can neither be spoken nor heard, a sentiment that reflects so beautifully in her words, as a language of her heart.

The book is divided into two sections: Nature’s Rhapsody and Life’s Foibles. The former is an ode to the beauty of nature, while the latter represents life and human nature.

What stands out is the vivid imagery that is weaved with words. Sonal’s poems take you across starlit skies, pink dawns, sparkly nights, and silvery lights. You get to experience the beauty of nature through magical sights and descriptions.

One of my favorite poems in Nature’s Rhapsody is ‘What are days like?’  where the author alludes to days as mischievous children who resist going to bed at night.

Yet another masterpiece is ‘By the bubbling brook.’

“I close my eyes and hear the cadences of a rhythm my heart acknowledges.”

These words stayed with me for a long time.

This section ends on a somber note where Sonal pens poems on COVID and the new normal. Even then, she urges that the Earth is recuperating and there is new hope.

Life’s Foibles has a philosophical tone to it. Sonal asks questions that make you ponder on the nature of life and the purpose of existence. She talks about emotions like hope, joy, and sweet memories. My favorite poem in this section is the title poem, ‘Islands in the stream’.

” We are but islands in the stream, distinct yet existing together.”

The poems brim with a nostalgic tone, and you can’t help but traverse down memory lane. Dreams filled with silvery stardust, cottony clouds, azure vibes, and kaleidoscopic skies- readers will find these descriptions hauntingly beautiful.

Some of the poems are poignant and reminiscent of the impermanence of life. However, one theme common across all the poems is the author’s belief in hope, an emotion much needed in these troubled times.

There are many impactful lines in Life’s Foibles. To quote one,

Just be one with the millions who read and want the same. You will find that you are not alone.”

The book filled me with tranquil calm, wonder, and wanderlust. Poetry-lovers, this one is not to be missed.

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