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Who Wants to Marry Kai Juicewala? is Kainaz Jussawala’s no-holds barred, quirky memoir- a wholesome combination of laughs and entertainment, that is also endearing in equal measure. The book chronicles Kai’s earnest attempts at finding love. The author’s comic timing is impeccable, and the writing is honest and engaging.

This desi version of Bridget Jones introduces you to the Parsi community. Peppered with Parsi quotes, religious beliefs, traditions, culture and craziness, this book is an authentic and intriguing read. Be prepared to enter the world of Bawas and Bawis and dig into delectable Mawa cake and other delicacies described in mouthwatering detail. (Warning: this book will make you hungry!)

Kai’s leads a colorful life; she has two uber-cool grandmothers and a fabulous girl gang that has her back. The humour is self-deprecating and celebrates her love for fries, sugar, and Shah Rukh Khan. Kai believes in kissing frogs until she finds her prince. She ends up being courted by a long line of frogs, including a struggling actor, an imposter with a secret, an Italian mafia member, a narcissist, and many others. If you think these escapades are not crazy enough, wait till you listen to the predictions of a parrot reader. (A parrot that reads the future, not to be confused with a Tarot reader).  

What stands out for me is the vulnerability in the writing. Any woman would relate to Kai’s insecurities about her body, and her quest for true love. She addresses issues like body shaming and the impact it has on mental health.

As a reader, you empathize with Kai; you understand her heartbreak and her need for validation. You cheer for her when she bashes the dragon and vampire aunties that have reduced her worth to finding a partner. You rejoice when she begins her journey of self-actualization and finds true love.

The humour is raunchy at times; this is the kind of book you discuss with your girl-gang of Bestos. Here are some of my favorite lines:

Fantasies are like potato chips; you can’t stop after just one.

Never run after a man or a taxi, there will always be another one coming your way.

A retreat that had the reputation of making chihuahuas out of hippos. 

The book is a heartwarming read that reinforces the importance of living life King-size. Everyone needs a Bawi friend with a penchant for melodrama in their lives!

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