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Geetika Kaura’s Ibiza-Love in Words is a collection of poems on love and emotions. The book is a compilation of musings and poetry that ruminate over the different facets of love. In the author’s words, her work is a collection of pain and gain channeled through her verses. The book celebrates the beauty of life and love that is comparable to Ibiza, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain.

My favorite poems include Rare Love, I asked Myself Why I Love You So Much, Numb and Pause, and Soldier At Home.

Sharing some of the lines here:

Rare Love has a philosophical tone to it, one that reminds you that everything happens for a reason and reminds you to appreciate the beauty in things around you.

Roses have thorns for a reason,

Life too has pain for a reason,

Else how will you see the colours of changing season.

I Asked Myself Why I Love You So Much is a romantic musing, one that you can easily relate to.

You let me open my heart out every now and then,

And when drama reaches its pinnacle

You make room for it to let it settle

This love poem reads like an ode to a partner-its sweet and full of feelings and portrays the ups and downs in any relationship.

Numb and Pause’s tone is a bit darker than the others.

Pause I am in the moment we had spent as lovers,

Numb I am to find there is nothing left to discover.

The pain of deception or a break-up is conveyed through these poignant lines. The crescents and the troughs come through the pauses and the numb moments.

Soldier at Home is the poem that simply stands out in this collection. It depicts two soldiers- one protecting the nation, and the other the woman of the house holding fort at home in her husband’s absence.

She bears pain beyond her capacity.

A soldier without tag,

The Mother,

Deserves a salute of gratitude.

The book is a quick read spanning over fifty pages. The language is simple and flows like conversation. What I felt could be better was the way the contents were organized- the musings could have been grouped together, and the Hindi poem in the middle could have been kept for another collection to ensure consistency.

Ibiza like its name is a delightful read as it brims with positivity and emotions!

I got a copy of this book in a BTB giveaway.

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