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Airavata-2 , conceptualized by Pachyderm tales and created by Mayaakatha, is a delightful collection of  Elephant stories for children.

My story is called ‘Animals’ Got Talent’ and is a coming-of-age story. Aira the elephant, and her best friend Mooshak the mouse, discover that there is more to being a winner than just accolades.


” My four feet moved, one after the other, reluctantly. We were on stage and got into position.

Deep breaths, Aira. It’s just a rehearsal.

The music played, and I started grooving. It was going well. Mooshak seemed to be doing alright too. I had worried for no reason. “Thud!” there was a loud creaking sound, and the stage caved under my weight! I found myself, half-wedged in the floor, surrounded by splinters, and shards of my damaged reputation.”

The book can purchased here.

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