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Vasudha Pansare’s Leaves of Autumn and Other Poems is a collection of over 125 poems that focuses on a variety of topics ranging from nature to philosophy, from inspirational to contemporary, from feminism to romance, and many others.

What stands out for me is the simplicity of the poems- each one is exceptionally crafted and provides food for thought. This is a testament to the fact that magic can be weaved with coherence and lucidity, without fancy words or frills, and still leave a profound impact on the reader.

The icing on the cake is the set of exemplary illustrations by 8-year-old Mihika Gupta that elevates the book and makes it come alive. I have many favorites in this collection but am listing out extracts from my top five. These are the lines that I loved the most.

From the titular ‘Leaves of Autumn’

I imagine my poems,

Being read, long after I am dead,

Bringing me back to life,

For a few moments,

Like a tiny dream or a gentle smile.

As writers, isn’t that what we want? To live eternally through our words. A piece that resonates well with every artist, motivating them to create masterpieces that will be celebrated, long after they are gone.

From ‘Chasing the Wind’

We chase the winds of success and fame,

Never realizing that both are transient,

And momentary, slipping through our fingers,

Making us aware that nothing is forever.

I loved this poem for its deep philosophical meaning and reference to the impermanent nature of fame, a stark reminder to remain grounded always, and not forget where we came from. These lines had a Rumi-like quality to them.

From ‘My Poetry Is You’

You gave me the words, the inspiration,

You are the sun of my sky,

The song on my lips,

The music in my heart

This one is soft, dreamy, and almost wistful. Loved it for its visual representation of an empty canvas, a parched Earth, waiting for a poetry shower.

From ‘A Strong Woman’

If she works hard with sincerity,

If she has courage and integrity,

If a woman has such qualities,

She can write her own destiny.

This is a very inspirational poem; a shining beacon that motivates many a strong woman to pursue her dreams and carve her path.

From ‘Nature’s Healing’

Joyous nature helps me to cope,

Keeping my mind tranquil,

Lovely early morning hours,

Marvellous sunrise I can behold

Poets and their romance with nature have gifted us with many beautiful poems. This work reminds us of the healing power of nature and its beauty that revives and rejuvenates. Read this and be energized by the vivid imagery.

There are many such gems in this collection. This book is like sipping warm velvety cocoa on a cold rainy day. It’s soothing, comforting, and leaves you all warm and fuzzy. Simple, elegant, impactful-these are some of the adjectives I would use to describe this work. Perfect for a group poetry session or a read-aloud engagement. Enjoy!

I received this book as a part of a Penmancy giveaway.

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